Moon and Turtle by Kiyomi and Sachiko Burgin


This is the first collaborative collection from twins Kiyomi and Sachiko Burgin.   Moon and Turtle contains 9 knitwear patterns which showcase an edgy, urban aesthetic which reflects the twins’ lives in Toronto, Canada.

Rather like the twins themselves, Moon and Turtle is a truly synergic book.  The duality associated with identical twins is thoughtfully and intelligently incorporated into every aspect of the book.  From the designs, to the authors’ musings, there is a quiet harmony in the idea that two things or people can be visually similar but also appreciably different.

All the patterns are gender-neutral and graded up to a 155cm chest, and contain body and sleeve-length adjustments in the hope that this book can be enjoyed by many knitters for years to come.


Softback, 98 pages

Language:  English