Temporary closure of the shop

Change of business status and how these changes will affect our customers


Laine des Iles has now been trading for 5 years, and for the whole of this period I have been trading under the business status of “microenterprise” (microbusiness).  This means that I benefit from a very simplified accounting structure and that, among other things, I am not subject to VAT.   I therefore neither charge VAT to customers, nor can I claim back VAT paid on stock and other business materials.  However, there is an annual turnover limit for this business regime, and as my turnover has increased year on year, I am now at the point where I have to switch to a normal VAT regime.  This can only be done at the start of the calendar year, so from January 1st 2022 I will start charging VAT.  

PLEASE NOTE that this will not mean big price rises for my customers.  For the most part, prices will remain the same.  The changes will only be to the way in which I am taxed as a business.

I have now reached the turnover limit for this year, and as a result I now have to suspend sales on the website (except in certain cases, see below) until January 1st.  It is unfortunately too complicated to continue trading once I pass this limit.  However, this will give me time to make all the necessary changes to the website and to carry out a full stocktake, which can only be done properly if there is no stock movement.  Sales will then recommence on January 1st.

Customers in the EU (outside France) – prices on the website will include 20% VAT at the French rate.  However, please note that due to new EU VAT rules for online selling, you will now be charged VAT on your purchases at the rate applied in your own country.  This means that from January 1st the price that you pay may differ slightly from the price displayed, according to your own country’s rate of VAT.


How to order up until December 24th

The website will remain open until December 26th.  During this period you will be able to browse the collection, but there will be no stock available to buy.  The only items that you will be able to purchase directly on the website will be gift cards.

However it is possible in certain cases to order other items up until December 24th.  If you need something urgently, then please contact me by email (please not by telephone) and if the item that you want is in stock then it will be possible to pay by Paypal, cheque or bank transfer (but not by card) and receive your items immediately, but your order will not be created in our system or invoiced until January.

From December 27th the website will be closed to complete maintenance, and will re-open on January 1st.