Aurinkokehrä Sukkalanka - 100% Natural Sock Yarn 50g



Sukkalanka is the result of a project conceived by Anna (the owner of Aurinkokehrä) in Spring 2019, but as with so many things, the Covid pandemic has meant that it has taken much longer than planned to produce the finished yarn.  The final result is a 100% natural and completely traceable no-nylon sport weight sock yarn spun from wool that comes from only 2 farms and, like all Aurinkokehrä yarn, dyed with 100% natural dyes.  

The yarn is a mix of Finnsheep wool for softness and crossbreed (Texel/Ryggia/Suffolk) wool for strength and durability, plied with a high twist to give extra strength.  The yarn has been subjected to a Martindale rub test* which showed good resistance to wear and felting.  Knitted on 3mm or smaller needles, this will give a good, dense fabric for socks, strong enough to resist the extra wear that socks require.  As the yarn has such a high twist, it is much denser than a regular plied yarn and therefore heavier, with less meterage to weight.  You will therefore need approximately 3 skeins for a pair of average sized socks.

The yarn has been dyed on a light grey base and is offered in 12 lightly heathered dyed shades, as well as the undyed grey. 

*  What is a Martindale rub test?  The Martindale test is used mainly in the furniture trade on upholstery fabrics to measure the durability of a fabric.  The fabric is pulled taught and then rubbed with discs of wire mesh until the fabric shows noticeable signs of wear and tear.


Country of Origin:  Finland

Composition:  100% Finnish wool

Category:  Sport

Length: 100m

Weight:  50gm

Suggested needle:  3mm

Care:  Handwash only