Blacker Yarns

Blacker Yarns was launched in 2008 as a brand of The Natural Fibre Company, a specialist mill at Launceston in Cornwall. The mill makes all the yarns for the Blacker brand. The Natural Fibre Company has been in existence since 1991, but was taken over by Gotland sheep breeder Sue Blacker in 2005 when she and her family bought the company from its previous owners. The Natural Fibre Company is the only mill in the UK which spins both woollen and worsted yarns under the same roof.

As well as spinning its own yarns, the mill specialises in adding value to fleece supplied by sheep farmers by turning it into high-quality knitting yarn which they can sell for themselves to generate more income from their flocks. The Natural Fibre Company was created in 2012 to help them achieve this.

Blacker's own range of yarns cover everything from everyday classic good value, through interesting and rare, to very special luxury yarns. Blacker Yarns is committed to supporting farmers and preserving rare breeds, and all their yarns are sourced and spun in the UK from the fleeces of British, rare, regional or Falklands breeds.